MyLowes Login Simple Guides to Access

MyLowes login is a portal that available for all of Lowe’s workers which can be accessed using employee identification number/ sales number. In there, the workers can update their schedules; send e-mail to other teams or employees, trade shifts, and other stuffs which related to their jobs. Having access to MyLowes portal will give the worker easy management for all of their jobs or tasks.
It is a system that created by Lowe’s Company so their workers can effectively and efficiently explores their data. The company used this system to easily connect with their workers as well anytime and anywhere. And if you are a part of Lowe’s company and you still unfamiliar how the things work with MyLowesLife employee login then you can read the simple guides below.

myloweslife login

Things you should prepare to log into MyLowes Life portal

When you work on Lowe’s, the first thing you get is your personal identification number which you can use to activate and access MyLowes portal. This is the first requirement you need to have when you want to login to the employee portal. Never share the ID to others to prevent them login to your private MyLowes account without permission. The ID should be kept alone for yourself.
Second thing you should prepare is the secret password. When you want to activate the Lowes Life portal, you will get not only personal ID number but also new secret password from HR team. Use the password to directly access the portal once you open on your browser. This password cannot be shared to others as well. Since the password is made by the HR team, you may want to change the password when you finally enter the portal with your own personal password. How if you forget the password? Do not worry, since there is ‘forget password’ option on the portal which you can click to get new password.
Besides those two essential requirements, you also need to prepare computer to access the portal. You can also open it from smartphone or tablets, although we suggest you use computer or notebook since it will give you a better view display. Internet connection is a must because the employee portal is can only be accessed online. After you prepare all these things, just take your time to open the portal.

Step by step to log into My Lowe’s employee portal

Once you become Lowe’s official employee and you want to open My Lowes Life portal, you should register yourself to activate the account. You need to get ready with identification number and password to access it. Here is step by step guide to log into My Loweslife employee portal on your own:
1. Open the selected browser in your computer or smartphone and visit On the corner of the homepage, you will see login option.
2. You should type your sales number/ id number on the blank space provided as well as the secret password. After you type it, click the login button.
3. Once you click the login button, you will be moved to another page. On this page, there are various menus and search bar which can be used to start manage your account and get personal data or information related to your works such as the schedule or working hours. You can use the portal to start connect with other workers as well.
4. If this is not your first time log into the portal and you forget the password. You can click ‘forget password’ button and after that answer the verify questions to get new password.
For former Lowe’s worker, you can also access Lowes sso login. On the first login page, there is an option for former employee to access into My Lowes. You can click the link provided by the system to enter the portal.

MyLowes Life benefits for employee

Lowe’s is not only provided employee portal system in order to help their workers manage and improve their jobs. The company wants to ensure that all the workers can enjoy their life better and thus Lowe’s offers several benefits and programs for the employee. To get the information of what kind of benefits Lowe’s will give once you become their workers then you can visit MyLowes login employee and make sure that select employee category before you going further. It is because Lowe’s give different benefits for part-time and full-time employees.
Lowes benefits portal offer different language selection which you can choose based on your preference. You can select English or Spanish as the language option and when you click full time on the MyLowes Benefits then you will see that there are menus which you can explore to see what benefits the company offered for their full-time workers. You can even try to see the medical insurance benefits information for Lowe’s employee.

MyLowes employee discount programs

Lowe’s also offer discount programs for their staff meaning that the workers can get discount when they purchased Lowe’s products in different stores. When the workers enrolled on the discount programs, you can use several benefits such as:
– Special discount: This special discount is not only valid in Lowe’s but also in third parties that cooperate with Lowe’s.
– Guaranteed shopping: Lowe’s also ensure the workers that they get guarantee if the products they purchased are broken.
– Medical discount: It will give you some discount when you need to pay for medical related stuffs. For example, if you need a surgery then you can use this medical discount to cover the cost.

How to contact Lowe’s company?

If you want to ask any questions regarding MyLoweslife employee login and its benefits then you can try to contact the authorized team with contact number provided in this link. There is ‘Contact Us’ option which you can open to view their contact numbers and you will get immediate response for your questions or if you need any information. Just contact them during working hours.
Hope the information that we provided in this article help you to access lowes sso login easily without any trouble. However, if you find some problems when you try to access, please always ask some help from the authorized selected personnel in Lowe’s.