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Myloweslife Kronos facilitates employee administration and Human Resource information details for all of Lowes home improvement and hardware Company’s workers. In the portal, we can access many important information including employee’s benefits, rules, and policies. This is important for Lowe’s employee especially newcomer who does not know about the company system to manage their worker’s information and administration. If this is your first time hear about Lowes portal for employee then read some explanation below to understand the basic requirement to access the official site as well as steps to gain an access.

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What is Lowes Employee Portal Login?

My LowesLife is the official portal site provided by the Lowes Company for all of their workers so they can get access to important information and date related with their jobs including receiving and sending e-mails, applying job transition form, and many more. In conclusion, it is a portal that can be used by authorized workers to help manage their occupations.
As one of the largest home improvement and hardware retailers in the United States, Lowes has thousands of employees in many divisions. This is why, the company need useful and helpful effective system to manage employee data and also help them to improve their job’s distributions. In the end, Lowes portal has the capability to help the company in fixing and sharing employee’s benefits and virtues.

Requirements to access Lowes employee official portal

In order to access the Lowes official site, you should gain meet certain requirements and criteria. This is needed to prevent unauthorized person access the portal for harmful intention. This is why not all people can log into the Lowes portal if they are not a part of Kronos workforce central Lowes.
The first requirement is that you need to be an employee of Lowes or at least former employee to get an access to the Lowes employee portal. When you become the Lowes’ worker, you will get the same benefits and access to the Lowes Life portal just like any other Lowes employee. The second requirement is for you to have personal employee number to access the site. Different employee will have different personal account number to fill in the login option according to their respected division. This number should not be shared with unauthorized person to prevent them access the portal without permission.
And the third requirement is that you need to gain password to access the portal which you need to fill on the Lowes employee portal login option. The employee personal number as well as the secret password can be obtained from HR team and once you can access the portal, you will see the Lowes home page menu. You can also change the password or if you forget the password, just click on the ‘forget password’ option on the login option and follow the guides to gain new access password.

Benefits on Lowes Life Portal

Here are some of the benefits and virtues which you can get when you finally access the website:
– In the Lowes Life portal account you will get private personal information and you do not need to worry this personal information get leaked since only you and authorized people who can access them in the Company database.
– You can also be able to access for information such as paystub chart and history. You can keep the data with option of computable or printable.
– In addition, you can also get some access to view employee’s benefits, offers, and incentives easily. Learn them and understanding the benefits more so you can understand how the company give useful profits as your rights as the Lowes employee.
– You can use MyLowesLife Kronos portal system to share and receive information with other employees, chiefs, or your teams. For example, you can send personal info regarding your job via portal personal e-mail.
– The Lowes portal also helps the workers to manage their schedule, task, and plans. This is why new employee can understand better about their jobs and task.
Lowes portal for employee has easy navigation with user friendly system to support their worker’s performance.

How to login My portal for employee?

If you are not the employee of Lowes and you just need to get information regarding your Lowes account such as Lowes promotion, prices, online pricing, and other useful information related to the local shop, then you can simply access to However, if you are an employee who wants to access the Lowes portal, then you should go to MyLowesLife portal instead. This site is can be accessed only by authorized personnel like current or former workers of Lowes.
If this is your first time access to the Lowes portal then here are some guides you can follow:
1. Select device to open the portal like from your personal computer, smartphone, or tablets. After that, select browser to start typing the portal url which
2. On the welcome page, you need to fill in your personal sales number or employee identification number on the first field of login option.
3. On the second field of login option, you should provide secret password to be able to access the Lowes portal. After you completing the option required to access then just click login button.

What is Lowes Home Improvement Company?

You also need to be familiar with the Lowes Company especially if you want to apply as their worker. Lowes is the second largest home improvement chains in American after Home Depot. It is begun 40 decades ago in North Carolina and after years, the company starts to expand their business across Canada and Mexico with planning to open more local stores in Australia.
Lowes has more than 265,000 employees who work in over 200 branches and 700 franchises over the world. This is why; Kronos workforce central Lowes portal is required by the company to improve Human Resources management all over the world. The employee who can access the portal can use them effectively to enhance their work and job values anytime and anywhere thanks to the system provided.